Disinfect Your Vehicle and Avoid Spreading Viruses and Germs

Your vehicle is a vital part of your everyday life, whether you use it for personal or business purposes. To protect yourself, your family, your clients, or other passengers it is important to keep your vehicle free from viruses and bad odors. Alcohol-based cleaners can destroy the surfaces and seats of your vehicle. 


We offer a full disinfection service using our revolutionary product keeping all touch surfaces in your vehicle virus and germ-free for up to 3 months.



Our professional team will come to your venue and provide a full disinfection service using our uniquely formulated Nanotechnology coating to disinfect and protect the whole interior of your vehicle.


In preparation for our visit, we ask you to have done general cleaning of the inside of your vehicle. Prior to the application, all surfaces must be clean and dry.


As our product is water-based, non-toxic, and odor-free you can use your vehicle after just 30 minutes and expect a professional and quick service to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life or business.


  • Steering wheel

  • Buttons and knobs

  • Mirrors

  • Gearshift

  • Seat belts

  • Door handles (inside and outside) 

  • Audio controls

  • Car seats

  • Headrests

  • Trunk

  • General hygiene consultation and identification of high-touch points in your vehicle.

  • Complete disinfection of your vehicle including steering wheel, all buttons and knobs, mirror, gearshift, seat belts, door handles, audio controls, etc.

  • 99.99% kill-rate of viruses, bacteria, mold & mildew.

  • Prevention of viruses & bacteria for up to 90 days.

  • 30 days virus-free guarantee.

  • Follow-up service after 30 days.

This is what we offer


About CovX Shield

CovX Shield is an antimicrobial coating that uses a mechanical approach to killing bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus). Instead of using toxic chemicals, which will only last until they evaporate or get washed away, CovX Shield will continue working for up to 90 days after just one application.


The product works as an active shield with spikes penetrating the cell walls of microbes - thereby killing them instantly upon impact. It will even attract microbes in the form of bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi to the spiked surface making it even more efficient than conventional cleaning and disinfecting products. See the comparison table.

The new method is completely safe for humans and animals compared to the adverse effects some chemicals can have on your health and the environment.  It is FDA approved and can safely be used in areas with food preparation. 

  FDA approved and safe for humans and animals 


All our valued customers will receive certification stickers to place inside or outside the vehicle to show your clients and passengers that you are keeping them safe and have their health in mind. Our protective disinfecting coating is certified to destroy viruses and germs for over 30 days.